“Lawn Games” conjures images of adults hanging around a grill and enjoying some cold beverages, however these games certainly aren’t limited to cornhole and ladder golf.  Children’s birthday parties, Bat Mitzvahs and many other children-centric events would be greatly improved with outdoor games. Below are the top games for children’s parties.

3.  Giant Jenga

The best games for children’s parties are simple.  Giant Jenga is simple to say the least. It’s well known and children love to see it fall over and its easy to set back up.  It’s great for teaching the basics of balance too, they’re in a scenario where they can’t be sloppy if they want to win. Giant Jenga is one of the most

2. Giant Kerplunk

A lesser known game but still a classic.  Many people haven’t even considered that Giant Kerplunk exists but the reaction whenever it’s rented is always the same: Everyone loved it.  Much like the lessons in Jenga, Giant Kerplunk requires the participants to be extra cognizant about what stick they pull out. It’s much like chess in that fashion, they need to think several steps ahead so they don’t drop balls through the tangle of sticks.  Giant Kerplunk is most certainly a game that children love and they can play over and over again.

1. Giant Connect Four

The absolute classic game for children.  It’s big, it’s colorful and it’s beckoning you to come and play.  It’s a game that requires cunning, guile and excellent planning as well as a little bit of luck.  The nice thing about Giant Connect Four is all ages can play and everyone just seems to know how to play with no explanation.  It’s likely the most popular game after cornhole and one of the easiest to set up and play game after game.

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