NERF Rentals in Houston

Affordable Fun For Birthdays and Other Parties


NERF Rentals in Houston

Affordable Fun For Birthdays and Other Parties

Looking for a special and fun activity for your kids’ birthday party or event? Houston Lawn Games can help with a super fun NERF day by offering affordable rentals on guns and safety equipment which will give you and your kids all the tools you need to have a blast.

Our service is much less expensive than hiring a NERF facilitator because we simply rent the equipment. You don’t have to pay lots of charges to have someone come out and ref just to have all the kids running around shooting at each other either way. We make it easy for you and the kids by providing rule guides, masks and vest, guns and all the darts you would need. If you 

Make an awesome NERF war with our NERF Battle Pack!

Kid With NERF

NERF Battlepack

Rent our NERF battlepack for your NERF party! This is a DIY kit that comes with everything you need including:

  • 10x Primary Guns
  • 10x Vests
  • 10x Masks
  • ~500 Darts
  • 8 Bunkers + Air Mattress Pump

 Please note that booking NERF rentals does require the use of eye protection and placing an order agrees that participants will wear protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the battlepack come with everything I need? – Why yes it does! We will provide the blasters, darts, masks, vests, bunkers and an air pump. 

2. Am I responsibile for lost or broken equipment? – We do not expect all the darts back, and will not charge for darts. We do reserve the right to charge for broken or lost equipment. We WILL charge for replacement equipment if you use it in sand (which destroys them) or if they come back and don’t work. We test before sending out, but if the guns don’t work please let us know when you get them so we can note that. 

3. Do you offer coaching and facilitation? – We do not, we simply rent the equipment.

4. What kind of bunkers do you have? – These bunkers are the standard NERF branded bunkers that are about 3ft tall.

5. What age is good for NERF? – We find that any kids younger than 6 have a hard time using the guns (though if you know they can go for it). We also find that kids over 13 might not want to play with NERF guns (but again – if they want to thats awesome).

NERF Field of Play

Delivery Options

Looking for us to also deliver? Add delivery to your order and skip picking it up yourself! Note that our delivery does not include NERF setup. You are welcome to checkout with just the games to pickup and return to us.

Delivery + Pickup - Zone #1

Up to 10 Miles From:

516 Pecore Street Houston, TX 77009

Delivery + Pickup - Zone #2

11-20 Miles From:

516 Pecore Street Houston, TX 77009

Delivery + Pickup - Zone #3

21- 30 Miles From:

516 Pecore Street Houston, TX 77009

Delivery + Pickup - Zone #4

30-40 Miles From:

516 Pecore Street Houston, TX 77009

Email [email protected] for further distances


What Makes Our NERF Rentals Different?

Quality Equipment

Houston Lawn Games prides ourselves on having quality equipment that is clean and in good shape. Our NERF equipment is cleaned and inspected after every rental and we promise that you will get guns and equipment that won’t cause embarassment or headaches. We provide guns, masks, vests, bunkers, bullets and everything you need to have fun.


NERF Support and Resources

On top of having great NERF equipment at super low prices, HLG also believes that you should have resources and help when trying to do something cool like throwing a NERF party. From rule guides to instructions, we offer resources to make your NERF party fun and memorable.


Have questions or want to order by phone?


Give us a call at (346) 291-7137

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