NERF Rentals in Houston

Looking for a special and fun activity for your kids birthday party or event? Houston Lawn Games can help with a super fun NERF day by offering affordable rentals on guns and safety equipment which will give you and your kids all the tools you need to have a blast.

Our service is much less expensive than hiring a NERF facilitator because we simply rent the equipment. You don’t have to pay lots of charges to have someone come out and ref just to have all the kids running around shooting at each other either way. We make it easy for you and the kids by providing rule guides, masks and vest, guns and all the darts you would need.

Make an awesome Nerf war with our Nerf Battle Pack! Have questions or need to add delivery?

Give us a call at (346) 291-7137


Comes with 10 sets, each consisting of:

Primary Weapon – Elite Delta Trooper
Secondary Weapon – Elite Disruptor
Eye goggles, vest, wrist band, facemask
50 ~ bullets

Eye Goggles MUST be worn during play. No charge for lost bullets. HLG does not provide in game referee with this package but does provide rule guide and instructions at pickup.

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