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This is the booking page for Triangle Lawn Games Houston – Northside. This location is near Spring, if you are looking for rentals in downtown Houston click here. 


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Our Address: 6307 Bayonne Dr Spring, TX 77389

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Game Bundles

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Classic Bundle Standard

Classic Three Game Bundle

Save by bundling a standard connect 4, Jenga and cornhole! Add a delivery option above if you want to have us bring. Feel free to add other games and packages to your order, but no substitution on bundles.

Large Event Bundle

Large Event Bundle

This package is great if you have a large event where you want to impress with a fun kids area or play zone for large group. Add delivery option to have us bring to you.

Kids Party Pack

Kids Party Pack

Looking for a slew of games for your kids party? This mega pack includes 8 great games and lets you save. This package is for client pickup – add a delivery option if you want to have delivered and picked up.

Stained Bundle Lawn Game Rental

Classic Three Game Bundle (Stained Connect 4)

Get our classic bundle of cornhole, Jenga and Connect 4 except wooden and stained Connect 4. Perfect for setting the mood at weddings and formal events. Comes with bags for cornhole, a matching stand for Jenga and the wood version of connect 4.

Cornhole Tourney Bundle

Cornhole Tourney Bundle

Looking to run a cornhole tournament? We specialize in having enough cornhole boards to help with tournaments. Our rule of thumb is 4-6 teams per set of boards.

Individual Games

Feel free to select a la carte or add to bundles

Cornhole Set Rental

Cornhole W/Bags

Grab a set of regulation boards and bags. Our sets are in good shape and look nice enough for any event. Cornhole – Needs a space about 6 ft wide and 35 ft long per set

Giant Plastic Connect 4 Rental

Giant Connect 4

Giant plastic version of the classic game. Can break down to fit into any vehicle but when built is about 4′ tall.

Giant Jenga Rental

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga Game – 54 pieces, starts at around 2.5 feet tall and ends up over 5 feet tall. Excellent for indoor and outdoor events, children or adults. Jenga needs a space about 6ft x 6ft

Giant Wood Connect 4 Rental

Wooden Connect 4

Stained wood version of the classic game, perfect for elegant events like receptions or corporate parties.

Ladderball Rental


Ladder Golf is played by throwing “bollos” (basically golf balls on strings) at ladders, trying to wrap the bollo around the three levels (1 point for the bottom, 2 for the middle, 3 for the top). Like cornhole scoring cancels out.

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Putterball Rental


Putterball is an awesome fusion of putting green and beer pong that will surely make your event more fun. Get putting with this great new game, perfect for corporate events, parties, weddings or the beach.

Battlechip Rental Golf Game


Fun chipping game testing the skills of golfers and non golfers alike! Comes with chipping turf, club, foam balls and the fabric play surface.

Giant Checkers Rental

Giant Checkers

Great giant version of classic tabletop games. Our sets can be used as both checkers or Tic Tac Toe. Sets are about 4 ft by 4 ft and a perfect for all ages, indoors and out.

Tug of War Rental

Tug of War

This game is comprised of a sturdy and thick corded rope that is 20′ long and has rubber handles on each end. Perfect for kids or adults alike! Makes a great team building game and is perfect for corporate events, churches, schools and more.

Toss Across Rental

Toss Across

Fun version of tic tac toe where you throw bags to win! Perfect for kids. Small and portable.

Giant Dominoes Rental

Giant Dominoes

Classic game, can be played inside or outside. There are a variety of ways to play but the “standard” is the blocking method.



KanJam is a sweet game where you throw a frisbee at a trashcan. Needs plenty of outdoor space to be played properly.

Spikeball Rental


Spikeball is a fun beach and lawn game that is challenging and fast paced. Like a mix of volleyball and handball, it is popular with young and old. Give it a try!

Bucketball Rental


Spikeball is a fun beach and lawn game that is challenging and fast paced. Like a mix of volleyball and handball, it is popular with young and old. Give it a try!

Yardzee Rental

Yard Dice

Yardzee is a fun game that multiple people can play. Add lawn dice to your order for another great game to enjoy.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss

Great carnival style game that is perfect for all ages. Add fun that even the kids can enjoy. 

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a classic game aimed at getting your ball closest to the Pallino. Best played on sand or grass.

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