Across all countries and cultures, weddings are a seminal day in a family’s lifetime.  Every detail is meticulously planned and scripted and sometimes hundreds of guests fly in from all corners of the globe.  Obviously, the bride reigns No. 1 as the most important detail with hair, make up and dress, in no particular order, highest on her (and his) importance list.  The list continues with catering, location, and entertainment being high as well.  The DJ or band with dancing is typical as the majority of the entertainment, but there are a lot of people that don’t even like dancing!  Sometimes there is a photo booth or a juggler but many times wedding plans neglect small details that guests would love.  Yard games are an excellent addition (maybe I’m biased?) but there are other forms too that just require your wits and cunning!

  1.  Bride and Groom Trivia – The bride and groom write down questions ahead of time and either then can leave them as sheets for the guests to fill out or they make it aJeopardy-style game with an host and teams.  If it’s the sheet, they can be read off at a certain time in the festivities and the winner gets a prize.  Same goes for the hosted game.
  2. DJ Name that Tune – This one is just awesome, the only issue is it’s difficult to do with the main DJ going.  You may be thinking:  “Why can’t we just do name that tune with the main DJ music?”  That’s too easy because every wedding has the exact same music and everyone will get it.  If you can, just pick the most sober (or drunk, it’s your wedding) Bridesmaid or Groomsmen and have them put it on for like 30 minutes when they’re tired of dancing.  Also putting a mic in their hand will give them a ton of power so they’ll be pretty excited about doing it.
  3. Karaoke – Ok so not really a game but it’s awesome.  This will fit well with wherever you wanted to put “DJ Name that Tune”.  Especially if the Karaoke is part of Name that Tune.
  4. Paper Airplane Making Competition – This is cool because basically everyone can compete and the winner can get like a trinket or something.  It’s also super easy to organize, announce and accomplish.  People either line up and throw against one another or just a big line and whoever’s goes the farthest wins!  Bonus points for tricks.
  5. Simon Says – This is great game if one of your friends had too much to drink and they think people are really excited to talk to them.  The nice thing about Simon Says is you probably don’t need to give them a mic and it’s super cheap.  Bonus points for making Simon wear a silly hat and giving the winner a prize.
  6. Psychiatrist – Basically one person takes on the role of another in the room and a designated person (or group) will have to guess who it is.  This is great fun and only occasionally leads to fisticuffs but it pairs well with a nice red, white, beer or any liquor you may find at the wedding.
  7. Find other fun things to do in Houston – Redfin has put together an awesome list of great fun things to do in Houston, see if any of these ideas are right for you!

In general, there are tons of games to play and tons of free labor at weddings to run the games.  The key is making it organized enough to be competitive and fun.  If Justin from Delta is already drooling on himself then you don’t want to give him a mic or trust him to function with children in attendance.  However, if you find some of the folks who “have to drive back to the hotel” then they are perfect fodder for game organization.

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