Kubb Rental + Rules

Classic Swedish Lawn Game Popular All Over The World

Kubb Rental in Houston

Kubb is a game designed for many to enjoy. Up to 12 people can play in a game, and the goal is to knock down all the skulls before your opponent. This game is a classic in Scandinavia and we are proud to bring it to Houston. This is perfect the beach or the lawn and once you get the rules down you will not want to stop.

We also deliver and pickup games (you can pickup from our location too). Visit our order page for pricing and availability. Feel free to call us at (346) 291-7137 if you have questions.


Kubb Playing Field

Before You Play

There are 10 Kubb sticks and 1 King Kubb along with 6 throwing batons. The set up should follow the diagram on the left with the Kubbs equally spaced on the back line. There is an imaginary baseline at the back of the Team ‘s Kubb line.


There are two ways to win: You knock down all of your oppoent’s Kubbs and then the king or your opponent knocks down the King before knocking down all your Kubbs.

Team 1 starts the game by throwing the sticks underhand and vertically with the intent to knock down Team 2’s Kubbs.

If they knock down any Kubbs, Team 2
throws them into Team 1’s half of the playing area. Where they land, they are stood up. If they hit each other, they are stacked on top of one another. They have 2 chances to land each Kubb in bounds.


Team 2 then starts their turn by attempting to hit the thrown Kubbs in Team 1’s half. Any Kubbs hit in the field are then thrown into Team 2’s half. Once Team 2 has knocked down all field Kubbs they can knock down Team 1’s Kubbs on their baseline. Team 1 must then knock down the Kubbs in the field that were thrown back before trying to knock down the baseline Kubbs.

For Example, if Team 1 knocked down 2 Kubbs, Team 2 throws those into Team 1′ s half. There are now 2 Kubbs in Team 1′ s half. Team 2 knocks both of those down and they are thrown back into Team 2’s half. Team 2 uses their remaining batons to knock down Team 1’s
baseline Kubbs. They knock down one Kubb, it is thrown back onto Team 2’s side. Team 1 must now knock down 3 Kubbs before attempting the baseline Kubbs.

Play continues this way until all the baseline Kubbs have been knocked down. Once those are knocked down the team will try to knock down
the King Kubb, once the King Kubb is knocked down the game is over.

The basics to renting with us:

  1. We would be happy to bring your games to you, and come pick them up. That service is $30 for both pick and delivery within 30 miles of our location in the Museum District, and we are pretty flexible there. Give us a call if you are outside of that we can agree on a fair delivery price.
  2. We make our games here in Houston, TX. That’s right, our cornhole, Ladder Golf and tumbling blocks (like Jenga) are all manufactured here in the Houston area.
  3. We have a great selection of games. From Kubb, to Spikeball, to party classics like Ladder Golf and Bocce Ball, we make it easy to give your next event an enjoyable element of fun. Try a game you have never played, and just let the day go where it may.
  4. You can contact us easily. Our phone number is (346) 291-7137. Give us a call at if you have questions on ordering, availability, or pricing.

We also offer rates for longer rentals, like for vacation or to have at your business. Whether you are looking to improve a tailgate party, a corporate event or wedding, or just want to entertain your weird cousins who invited themselves for the weekend, we make it easy and cheap to get your hands on lawn games in the Houston and beyond.

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