Ladder Golf Rental

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Ladder Golf Rental in Houston

Ladder Golf is a simple game with two “ladders” at which players throw ropes with golf ball ends. There are three tiers and each one has a different value for the players. This game is perfect for a day at the park or a corporate event outside the office.

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LAdder Golf Setup

How to Play Ladder Golf

Before You Play

Ladder golf is an absolute mainstay of the lawn game arsenal. Set up is easy, simply stand the ladder apart 15 feet from each other base to base. All ladders are mirror images so there is no front or back. Verify there are 6 bolas – 3 of one color and 3 of a different color.

Playing the Game

Ladder golf can be played with either 2 or 4 people. You and your partner will be opposite one another You simply stand on either side of the ladder, and throw your team’s bolas at the opposite ladder while staying behind the front of the leg. The bolas will subsequently be thrown back.


Scoring occurs when the bolas wrap around the ladder rungs. The top bar is 3 points, middle is 2 points and bottom is 1 point. Opposing teams points are deducted from yours if there are both teams bolas on the ladder. For example is the opposing team get a 2 point and 1 point throw and your team get a 3 point and 2 point throw the total for your team is 2 points (3+2-(2+1)). If you knock an opponents bolas off the bar, they do not get those points. Typically the game is played to 21 points, however the participants can play to whatever score they would like!

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