NERF parties are great ideas for birthdays, celebrations and just general get-togethers.  They’re pretty simple, ultra-fun and keep kids occupied for a couple hours (and spends some pent up energy). You might be interested in having a NERF party but don’t know where to start – which is totally understandable. There are actually a lot of details in throwing a successful NERF party and we wanted to help you with some tips from our experience as Houston’s leading NERF rental provider

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Tips For Running a Successful NERF Party

1. Obviously just book with Houston Lawn Games, but in all seriousness make sure you use a vendor that you feel comfortable with and they have easy and transparent pricing. In many cases you won’t know a price until they leave after the party.

2. Will you conduct the battle or would you prefer that someone else does it? You’ll definitely save money if you do it yourself but having someone else do it might make sense if you’re willing to spend the money. The parents hosting may have to pay $100-$200 more for a referee.

3. How fancy do you want it? Different options exist, our Houston NERF Battles have individual bags for each participant as well as pretty sophisticated guns with magazines. Others may just have a simple gun that holds a few darts and they receive a handful of darts.

4. Will you need bunkers? You likely will – especially if it’s in your backyard and you don’t have a lot of trees. The bunkers for NERF are typically just inflated at the location and deflated when they’re done. They don’t need to be too robust or elaborate because just nerf darts will be hitting them. Houston Lawn Game’s NERF branded bunkers are about 32” high and 22” in diameter. They’re a great size for 6-10 year old’s and all their friends.

5. How long should you schedule the party? – 2-3 hours, with 3 hours as the MAX.

6. How do I select teams? Selecting teams is typically difficult, but if you’re a parent then you have some authority. Randomize the teams because they will all decide to be on one team or another. Use different colors to designate the teams

7. Research some games, capture the flag and single elimination free-for-all are good. Other good games are team vs. team elimination with a set number of respawns – as long as the kids follow the honor rule. 

Generally, NERF battles are stress-free and fun for everyone, especially if you go in prepared.  Feel free to give us a call and ask any questions you have.  Houston Lawn Games typically will just provide the equipment and set up but won’t conduct the game, which makes it a super affordable option.   

Custom Cornhole

Click above to learn more about custom cornhole.

Interested in purchasing other games? Check out some of our favorites below.


Ladderball For Sale


The Ladder Toss Bundle is perfect for a classic Ladder Toss experience. All-wood frames are crafted with varnished wood that’s lightweight, sturdy, and weather-resistant. Bundle includes 2 standard frame pieces, 6 all-weather golf bolas (3 green, 3 indigo), push-in scoring markers, zip-up carrying case, and official game guide.

Caliber Games Bundle

Ultimate Game Bundle

Bring all the fun to your next tailgate party with the Caliber Games Ultimate Tailgate Games Bundle. This bundle includes ALL of our original and classic tailgate game packages at a massive 30% discount. Get TowerBall, Island Shot, HOKU, Cornhole, Timber Tower XL, and Ladder Toss, plus carrying cases, game guides, and all standard game accessories.

Timber Tower For Sale

Timber Tower

The Timber Tower Bundle from Caliber Games is a giant-sized version of the classic childhood game. A guaranteed hit at backyard parties, tailgates, park days, or weddings, feel the pressure as you stack the tower until it takes a big fall! Bundle includes 54 stacking blocks, a house rules board, and zip-up carrying case.



Great for all ages and group sizes, the four-sided, 360° toss game is the ultimate casual group competition. Includes collapsible tower, 8 hackey-style balls, and backpack carry case. 100% weatherproof materials, playable indoors or outdoors.

YARD Dice For Sale

Yard Dice

All equipment included for Yardzee & Yard Farkle for up to 5 players. Includes 6 solid wood jumbo dice, 5 large reusable score cards, wooden bucket, & marker for a complete yard dice set.

Cross Net For Sale


CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game. Set up within minutes in sand, grass, or indoors. Height adjustable for men (7’11”), women (7’4″), and children (5’6″). Perfect for backyards, beach days, and BBQs. All orders come with an official CROSSNET™️ four-way net, poles, and volleyball.

BottleBash For Sale


Bottle Bash combines disc golf and horseshoes for a perfect blend of high-stakes skill, strategy, and teamwork. The objective of the game is to knock your opponent’s bottle off the pole by throwing the disc. Bundle includes 2 aluminum poles, 2 bottles, 2 ground stakes, 1 disc, and a mesh storage bag.

Island Shot Games

Island Shot

Island Shot is a new, simplified take on Cornhole. The difference is you’re trying to land it on the Island! To play, just take turns tossing bags and trying to land them on the island (+3 points), and in the hole (+1 point), the first to 9 points exactly wins. Bundle includes (1) collapsible island board, (6) mini cornhole bags, and a mesh carrying bag.

Backyard Golf Game

Backyard Golf Game

This game was built by friends and neighbors with a simple goal in mind: to have fun with great company and a little friendly competition at each other’s houses. It’s perfect for practicing your swing and great a way to bring kids, adults, friends, family and neighbors together—to enjoy the outdoors together.

Hooks Ring Toss

Ring Game

The team that created the viral HOOKS! Ring Toss Game. Handmade with either a burned finish or natural finish, HOOKS! is the best game to compete with friends at your next tailgate, backyard party or a night out at the bar.

HOKU For Sale


HOKU® is a novel twist on the timeless simplicity of backyard toss games. Bundle includes easy storage carrying case, quality rubberwood game board with sealed varnish finish, and 6 throwing stars (3 square, 3 triangle).

Putterball For Sale


PutterBall began with a dream of bringing a golf-themed backyard party game to the masses. We focused on creating an outdoor golf game that everyone could enjoy, including those who have never actually played golf. The PutterBall board is made of 100% high-density durable foam that you can walk on, stand on, and transport just about anywhere! 

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