Top 5 reasons you need Lawn Games at Corporate Events in Houston


There comes a time in most people’s lives where they are sent an email for their first corporate outing.  Young, enthusiastic employees commonly believe they’ll make friends and endear themselves well to fellow employees, thrusting themselves up the ladder as well as into those coworkers’ hearts.  Seasoned employees realize such outings revolve around drinking free alcohol and seeing how much free food they can take home. Regardless, the key to a good corporate outing is simple: recreation.  Recreation comes in many forms but the most accessible (especially here in Houston 😉) generally are lawn games such as Cornhole, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, Ladder golf, etc.

1. They make it easy to start conversations.

Asking someone if they want to play a game is an easy way to start a conversation, especially during a corporate event of.  You can chat at your pace or focus on the game. You’re not standing there and staring at them trying to think of something to say.  You throw a bag, you focus on the game and you chat in between. It’s a win-win.

2. They make it easy to avoid too much awkward chit chat.

When you’re engaged in a rousing game or cornhole or Connect Four, your attention spans several entities.  Whether it be the game, your drink or other people, you’re not focused exclusively on Carol’s cat or Don’s new mower.  Your focus can be on the game and in doing so you don’t have to say much or anything at all.

3. They make passing time easier

If you don’t want to be at this event and you want it to end, then play some games and pass the time.  Your obligations will be to win the game and probably down a few crispy boys.

4. You can basically play all games with one hand

Guess what you can do with the other hand?  Fist bump Tyler from marketing? Probably not, but you can hold your drink which makes dumping alcohol down your throat a bit easier.

5. They’re fun

The games are fun, that’s pretty simple.  If you enjoy these events, a couple of beers and game or two of cornhole makes for a pretty good day.  Especially if it’s a Thursday afternoon and your 9-80 Friday is off tomorrow.

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