How to Choose Wedding Entertainment


Weddings are a wonderful time; joyous and hopeful while exuberant.  They’re also stressful, like really stressful.  There are so many aspects that need to be perfect.  You have to have the caterer come with the correct foods: kosher, vegetarian, carnivore, etc…   Tables must be filled as to space certain parts of families from others and make other people happy.  The photographer needs to be top notch and in the correct spot AT ALL TIMES.  The ringbearers damn sure had better not lose the rings either.  Entertainment isn’t #1 on the list, but it’s high.  There needs to be a DJ or a band, alcohol needs to be accessible and the dance floor huge.  Another entertainment aspect, much less known to many, is the need for games, specifically of the yard variety.

                We here at Houston Lawn Games want to make the decision painless and easy.  The entire process of getting games from us takes maybe two minutes and you entertain your guests for hours.  We’ve developed what we consider a can’t-beat wedding package.  With the arrival of the Giant Chess, we have an awesome selection of games that look great, match wedding aesthetics and provide tons of fun.  We have stained cornhole, stained Jenga, Bocce ball and finally: Giant Chess.  We’ve had requests for Giant Chess in the past and we’ve finally acquired a set.  It can be rented individually or part of our wedding package and is sure to be a hit, especially among some more senior/irritable guests.  It combines well with the aforementioned games to create an unparalleled grouping of fun and guest satisfaction.  Your friends will definitely all be super jealous of your party.

                We’re in the phase of weddings that have been planned and re-planned and now is a great time to get these games ordered for this upcoming fall.  Just today someone put in an order for February, they basically eliminated the potential for the drunk guy to ruin anything because he’ll be kept busy yelling at the cornhole boards. Win-win. Weddings are mostly for the bridge (and groom) but now you have the ability to keep the guests entertained, especially if they’re not super into dancing or drinking or a combination of both.  Needless to say, yard games will bring the fun to any event.

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