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Giant Chess Rental in Houston

Giant Chess Rental in Houston TX

Giant Chess is one of the most popular games we offer and is a large scale version of the the classic table top game. Our Giant Chess comes with everything you need to add a classy touch to your wedding or party, including the game pieces and the playing surface. You COULD buy your own giant chess but if you want to avoid the investment and storage of buying your own, rent from us today. Just visit our order page to see pricing and availability.

If you are looking for Giant Chess rental in Houston, TX for weddings, corporate events, parties and more we can definitely help.

Whether you are in Katy, The Woodlands, Houston proper or anywhere we can probably help.  Call us to get more information (346) 291-7137.


The basics to renting with us:

  1. We would be happy to bring your games to you, and come pick them up. Check out our order page for details on delivery prices. 
  2. We make our games here in Houston, TX. That’s right, our cornhole, Ladder Golf and tumbling blocks (like Jenga) are all manufactured here in the Houston area.
  3. We have a great selection of games. From Kubb, to Spikeball, to party classics like Ladder Golf and Bocce Ball, we make it easy to give your next event an enjoyable element of fun. Try a game you have never played, and just let the day go where it may.
  4. You can contact us easily. Our phone number is (346) 291-7137. Give us a call at if you have questions on ordering, availability, or pricing.

We also offer rates for longer rentals, like for vacation or to have at your business. Whether you are looking to improve a tailgate party, a corporate event or wedding, or just want to entertain your weird cousins who invited themselves for the weekend, we make it easy and cheap to get your hands on lawn games in the Houston and beyond.

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