Choosing your games for your backyard parties.

It’s once again August in Houston, TX with the mercury pushing 100 degrees on the regular.  What that usually means is that people are sequestered indoors and rarely leave their dens in the heat of the day, much like desert wildlife.  That works well for the Nerf battlepack we have and other indoor-friendly games however the great outdoors are where lawn games really shine.  What that also means is September and (outdoor) party season is right around the corner!

Native Houstonians they’ve become accustomed to enjoying the outdoors in the slightly less-oppressive September temperatures during the day.  Evenings, however can be down right pleasant here in a few weeks which means more time outdoors. Party games like the classics: cornhole, Jenga and connect four, only aid in the fun, however there are more.  We’ll discuss the top games below:

The top backyard party games and birthday party games are as follow:

  1. Giant Connect Four – Arguably our most popular game and for good reason – it’s way fun. All ages can enjoy and the rules are simple too, just connect four rings in a row!
  2. Cornhole – While not ultra-popular in the South compared the Midwest, the game is very well known anywhere.
  3. Washers – Often called Texas horseshoes, I first encountered the game in West Texas in a man’s backyard. I have since realized I needed a set and I have finally gotten around to actually making it.
  4. Jenga – Present at bars, restaurants, breweries and maybe even your home (small version). Everyone knows how to play and everyone knows its fun.  Jenga is great for any age and it works well at some of the youngest kid’s birthday parties up to your standard corporate events.
  5. Giant Pong – We just got this and it’s awesome and I am just super biased at this point. A great party game and super fun.
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